Project Description

In Indian homes and all good Indian restaurants, the spices are not added all at the same time; they are added in steps or layered. Which is why it is impossible to replicate restaurant quality Indian meals with the popular bottled Indian cooking sauces. We blend the spices for one Indian dish into multiple pouches (numerically numbered) to allow our customers to layer them to create authentic flavors. The spice kits comes with simple grocery list (5 to 6 common easy to get ingredients) and a very simple and straight forward recipe.

Our spices comes from India (very fresh). They are hand blended and packaged in New Brunswick. We closely work with the provincial health department to ensure our packaging process is hygienic and eliminates any cross contamination. We also fulfill all CFIA requirements to sell our product anywhere in Canada.

Currently we sell our product at 4 farmers market and 16 grocery stores in New Brunswick. We also sell on our website. We are building a system (distribution, inventory control, advertising, etc) before we expand out of New Brunswick; which would be complete in the next 2 months. Getting into this show would a great promotion for us in the Nova Scotia.

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