Project Description

Now, an adventure, or a wrong turn, leads you to Meander River Farm & Brewery. Nestled beside the twisting river it’s named after, the Farm provides an agri-tourism experience like no other. With 186 acres, the farm features a micro-brewery, retail shop, hopyards, rows of lavender, lush gardens, West Hants County’s tallest waterfall, and seasonal livestock. The farm produces seasonal brews and ciders, and handmade products from farm resources. Products include reclaimed wood birdhouses and benches, lavender soaps and creams, honey and pickled veggies.

The Farm operates on a sustainable full circle model where the animals and farm life/growth are safely fed and watered with excess from the facility and in turn contribute to the product by tilling/fertilizing the land where crops are to be grown. Those crops are then returned back into the products.

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