Project Description

Myrosia’s art depicts her love of life and her love of heritage and tradition. Whimsical colourful acrylic paintings are shown alongside traditional Ukrainian pysanky. Her paintings express her childlike enthusiasm seeking to connect with the inner child found in everyone else. The beautiful designs of the pysanky are meticulously hand-drawn on eggs using beeswax and dyes. After the final dye bath the wax is melted off and the magical beauty of the colours and designs is revealed. Although most of the pysanky are done on chicken shells, Myrosia has also been exploring goose, ostrich and, more recently, emu shell ‘canvasses’. Making pysanky is part of a family and cultural tradition that she was first shown as a young child and that has captured her attention ever since. She strives to fuse traditional patterns with her love of colour and life to create works that reflect who she is as an artist.

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